Dungeon Competition

SephirothBP ADMIN posted Oct 2, 17

We're holding a competition to design a working dungeon, the winner will get their dungeon made into an official dungeon for everyone to enjoy!

There's no theme for this one, so build in whichever direction you think is interesting. The contest will be held on the plotworld of the creative server. Feel free to use your whole plot, including building up, the only condition is that the dungeons must not make permanent changes to itself or require resetting. Secret traps and tricks are totally fine. You also don't need to let us know where to add mobs, we'll sort that out. If you need and commandblocks or something you don't have permission for in the dungeon, leave a sign and let us know, we'll sort it.

As soon as you're finished, leave the coordinates of you build here so that we can take a look at it.

The competition will be open until the 15th October, so get building!


1st Place: Custom, rare item (we're keeping these a secret) plus 200 somnus$
2nd Place: Custom item (we're keeping these a secret) plus 150 somnus$
3rd Place: Custom item (we're keeping these a secret) plus 100 somnus$
4th Place: Custom item (we're keeping these a secret) plus 50 somnus$
5th Place: Custom item (we're keeping these a secret) plus 50 somnus$

Everyone who makes a good dungeon will be given a blazerod-spear.

Judging Points

Size: 10 points
Length(time it takes a person to complete): 10 points
Aesthetics: 10 points
Puzzle/Traps: 5 points
Creativity: 5 points

Spartankin Results!!! Places: 1st: HelioTropeVoid and ValerianDeath (34 points) 2nd: Vytra (31 points) 3rd: SimplyKota (29 points)...
Spartankin Yall are all fine. I'm looking at the builds now and the results will be shown later.
Vytra_ Cutting it very close with the timing, gotta love different time zones. Plot is at 1152/49/-891

Old Map Downloads

King_Albsy Owner posted Oct 2, 17

Nocturne, Athena, and Umbra maps are now available for download!

These downloads only include the overworld.

You will need to have a program installed to unzip the file (eg. WinZip, WinRar, 7Zip) into your Minecraft folder.

Athena download (4.4 GB)

Nocturne download (4.3 GB)

Umbra download (4.3 GB)

If you have any issues, feel free to post in the forums so we can help!

ValerianDeath Wooot! thanks a ton king!

Somnus Released!

King_Albsy Owner posted Sep 15, 17

The server reset is complete, and the new survival server - Somnus - can now be joined.

To join, you will need to be running Minecraft version 1.12, and you will need to connect to our new IP address - mc.somn.us

Features include:

  • Towny.
  • mcMMO.
  • Powers and professions.
  • Marriage.
  • Arena.

Changes include:

  • World border has been expanded to 7,000 radius.
  • Emerald is no longer used as currency - a virtual currency is used instead. Check your account with /bal.
  • A lot of old features are removed but may be added at a later date. These include: the token shop, curses, the minigame server, magic items and random events.
  • The server is gradually being re-branded to Somnus.

Please report any issues on the forums so they can be fixed!

silverprintt Looks like every time someone buys my item from the market, it says I get money but I dont.