Happy New Year!

By KingAlbsy Owner - Posted Jan 3, 18

Welcome to 2018! I thought I'd make a quick post to reflect on the past year. It's been a busy one for Somnus. Here are some of our achievements over the past year.

  • 5,136 unique players connected to the server.*
  • 168 new users joined our website.
  • The server was re-branded as Somnus, with the complete reset of survival servers into a single one.
  • The Somnus Discord was added, currently holding 204 members.
  • Four build contests were held (thanks to Pink_RoseBud).
  • Custom-made mobs, dungeons and items were added (thanks to Spartankin).
  • 13 Dazzling, 46 Radiant, 10 Sublime and 9 Ethereal ranks were purchased.**

I'd like to thank all the Somnus staff, donators and players for helping the server succeed over the past year. Let's enjoy 2018 even more!

*As calculated by unique connections made to the Hub server.

**This includes the corresponding holiday ranks, eg. Fairy.