Somnus Shutting Down

King_Albsy Owner posted May 23, 18

Hi everyone - Somnus will be shutting down at the end of the month. This is partly because of the declining population, as well as my lack of time to work on it, and the cost of keeping it online. I will be setting up a vanilla server in its place - likely when the Aquatic Update is released.

Thanks for all of the great memories. The current Somnus overworld map can be downloaded here.

Kimi_Kimura Dang, I really liked this server. I spent a lot of money on it though.
Caifniel A lot has happened in the month I've been away. I'm sad to hear that the server is shut down. Out of all the s...
PaulSwannMLG I didn`t get to see much xD

Happy New Year!

King_Albsy Owner posted Jan 3, 18

Welcome to 2018! I thought I'd make a quick post to reflect on the past year. It's been a busy one for Somnus. Here are some of our achievements over the past year.

  • 5,136 unique players connected to the server.*
  • 168 new users joined our website.
  • The server was re-branded as Somnus, with the complete reset of survival servers into a single one.
  • The Somnus Discord was added, currently holding 204 members.
  • Four build contests were held (thanks to Pink_RoseBud).
  • Custom-made mobs, dungeons and items were added (thanks to Spartankin).
  • 13 Dazzling, 46 Radiant, 10 Sublime and 9 Ethereal ranks were purchased.**

I'd like to thank all the Somnus staff, donators and players for helping the server succeed over the past year. Let's enjoy 2018 even more!

*As calculated by unique connections made to the Hub server.

**This includes the corresponding holiday ranks, eg. Fairy.

Rapada1323 wooo of the ranks i got one of each over the cores of 2 months xD
Yeti_Productions feels good to be one of those 10 sublime! also, did it include the radiant? because I bought them at 2 separate times.

Seasons Greetings!

It is time for another Christmas build contest and this year we are looking for original creativity and something festive! Cannot wait to see what you can come up with! The contest will be open on the 6th of December and close on the 22nd. 

Our Winners

First Place - LunarPlayz_ has won a reward of 100 Coins!

Second Place - SimplyKota has won a reward of 50 Coins!

Third Place - PuddingBobCat and Kliptomatic have each won 25 Coins!

On behalf of Somnus, we wish everyone a Happy Holidays! 

PuddingBobCat Holy heck, how did I get third place? My entry was so last minute. Great job everyone and Thanks!
Pink_RoseBud ADMIN This contest is now closed and the winners have been picked. First Place - LunarPlayz_ Second Place - SimplyKota Third ...
Yeti_Productions Can you add a prize more than coins? like a special tag before your name?